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Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)

As of July 1, 2015, all NEW workers who intend to work at OSSA member worksites must, at a minimum, have the new Basic Safety Orientation (BSO). This new orientation will replace the OSSA Regional Orientation (ORO) and Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) courses as a pre-site access requirement at participating member work sites. The new BSO course is currently being introduced in locations across Canada. We ask for your patience while we continue to update the BSO Learning Provider listings below. ORO training will continue to be available until the end of June. ORO listings can be found by clicking the appropriate link on the Workers Get Training Today page of our website. Please check with ORO providers to confirm they still are offering the course.

PLEASE NOTE: This training requirement applies only to NEW workers. If you already have proof of ORO and CSTS certification, you will continue to have site access.

Check with your employer to determine if any other OSSA training is required

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